Gumout® Small Engine
Off Season® Gas Treatment
Prevent gum and varnish build up as well as rust and corrosion in the fuel systems or (of) equipment that is used infrequently or on a seasonal basis
  • Keeps fuel fresh, eliminating the need to drain the fuel at the end of the season
  • Provides easier starts after storage
for 2 Cycle/ 4 Cycle

Keeps an idle engine ready to start.

Use only as directed. Store and transport closed in an upright position. 1 ounce of Gumout® Small Engine Gas Treatment treats one gallon of gasoline. Loosen cap over measuring chamber slightly. Squeeze the appropriate amount of product into measuring chamber. Remove cap and pour into gasoline tank. For treatment of larger amounts of gasoline, pour from other side. Use with first start-up and prior to storage. Also add to gasoline in storage tank.
Small Engine Gas Treatment
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