Gumout® High Mileage Oil Treatment with Stop Leak
High Mileage vehicles often experience wear and tear that can negatively affect performance. Even regular maintenance may not be enough to keep up
with the issues such as sludge build up, smoking, leaking, oil consumption and increased wear. Gumout® High Mileage Oil Treatment with Stop Leak helps protect your investment against these mileage related problems and lets you get the most out of every mile.
  • Cleans and protects engine parts
  • Boosts ZDDP/zinc anti-wear additive levels
    and fights friction
  • Provides better engine protection in high-mileage vehicles than engine oil alone
  • Helps remove sludge and other deposits
  • Provides thicker contact cushion between
    worn parts
  • Helps stop, or reduce, smoke from worn cylinders
  • Reduces oil consumption - Slows blow-by and
    raises oil pressure
  • Add on top of an oil change or between changes
High Mileage Oil Treatment with Stop Leak

For best results, add up to 1 bottle to every 4 to 5 quarts of engine oil, at every oil change or between oil changes. Mixes with regular and synthetic motor oils.
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