About Gumout®
Gumout® Performance Chemicals deliver the technology to progress automotive performance, with products blended specifically to clean, protect, and enhance critical parts of your car. Our products are designed with the expertise of an array of scientists, with years of experience in developing fuel and engine additives for today’s drivers and specialized users.

Whatever the vehicle, whatever the concern, our comprehensive line of fuel additives offer targeted solutions to fulfill a vast range of needs. From advanced fuel additives to complete fuel system cleaners, Gumout® utilizes the latest technology to improve the lives of those who use them.

Since 1945, Gumout® has been the trusted automotive expert for some of America’s finest retailers. Gumout® Fuel Additives, including our Fuel System Cleaners and Fuel Injector Cleaners, remove deposits resulting from low quality gasoline, allowing a vehicle’s critical parts to work more efficiently. A number of our products can even prevent future deposit build-up, which helps restore the engine to peak condition and maintain its performance for years to come.

With a comprehensive range of product formulations for just about any type of car, truck, diesel or flex-fuel vehicle, we’re your one stop vehicle maintenance supplier.


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